How to Use a Colour Wheel July 20th 2024


Maximum 9 participants

9:00 am to 3:00 pm Saturday July 20th, 2024, at Arts Tree, Wynnum West, Brisbane.

A single day skill-builder designed to take some of the confusion around colour and turn it into empowering knowledge. An absolute essential for all artists, yet something we tend to gloss over quite quickly… Ages 15 and up!

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9 participants maximum.

A single day workshop exploring the wild intricacies of colour and all of the gifts it can provide! Designed for brand new beginners through to intermediate creatives who are craving a bit of guidance.

This single day workshop is going to upskill you with a whole lotta knowledge you probably didn’t even realise you needed and is guaranteed to grow your art-nerdiness!

To make successful works of art you simply need to understand the theory behind all of the relationships happening on your canvas and one of those is, of course, colour!

We will cover the Fine Art language around colour, as well as temperatures, values, mixing,  and harmonious colour schemes. Extreme beginners welcome! Each participant can expect to walk away with colour wheels, a values scale and various take-home tools to keep around the studio.

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