Beginning with Inks Workshop


Lifetime online access to the first De Gillett ink & Acrylics Workshop

Follow along step-by-step as De shows you how to make a textured, layered, gloriously colourful ink painting. What materials do you need? Find out here.

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This is the Online Version of the very first De Gillett ink workshop, as described and demonstrated to Graham Stevenson on Colour in Your Life. It is also available on hard copy DVD in both PAL and NTSC region free formats.

Follow Arts Tree's experienced, exuberant, award winning lead tutor De Gillett in this online acrylic painting course as she leads you on a journey of fun, learning and just a little mayhem... You'll have access on your workshop page to printable copies of the resource image De used and her finished painting, as well as a chapter list so you will know precisely where to jump back in to re-watch that tricky bit you haven't quite got yet!

Preview what's in store with this clip of excerpts!

De Gillett is best known for her self-developed ways of working with inks & acrylic paints. Having learned to paint in isolation, she uses techniques all her own invention, and keeps no secrets when she shows you exactly how to get started. De is your guide all the way through the brave, intuitive processes of working with vibrant Art Spectrum Inks. Follow along step by step with De as she unravels the mysteries of building a textured surface & then flooding it with the beautiful unpredictability of ink colours! This workshop is where she started with Inks- it uses lace and fabrics glued down to develop the textured surface required. Just the thing if you have some of Granny's old doilies that you would like to preserve as a thing of beauty rather than moldering in a cupboard!

Subscription gives you unlimited, permanent access with no expiry date-  jump in to any chapter at any time and watch as many times as you like!


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