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Fun in a Gesso Soup workshop

Beginner? No problem. Experienced artist looking for new techniques? We’ve got that covered too. Negative painting, gesso soup, inking, analytical drawing… Arts Tree can help you with claiming some art space in your life that’s all about you— because that’s important, and you are worth it. 

Online or Face-to-face, Arts Tree can reconnect with your inner artist & help you acquire the skills of painting, no matter where you are in that journey. Arts Tree is a purpose built teaching & filming studio in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We offer Face-to-Face Weekly Classes in Brisbane and 2 day Art Workshops, plus an ever expanding range of Online Options in instructional Art Courses across a wide range of mediums.

Our tutors are the much-awarded De Gillett Cox, and Ali Gillett, both artist’s in their own rights and lovers of bright, joyful, exuberant, and inherently beautiful art.

Arts Tree’s reputation as the home of excellent tutoring is second to none, and draws students from across the world. With decades of art-making and tutoring experience between them, our tutors share their hard-won, inventive, inspired, and self-developed secrets of making acrylic paintings to developing artists and hold nothing back!

Ali shares her knowledge of the intersection between art and mental health through her social media platforms , while De regularly shares her newest tips, tricks and techniques via her Patreon page

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