Making art is good for you, even if you’re an absolute beginner. Attending art classes can expand who you are, putting you back in touch with your younger self— that child who loved drawing and painting. Life gets in the way of the chance to make art for most of us; as adults we get caught up in our jobs, our families, our obligations as grown-up people with responsibilities to meet.

The benefits of making time for art classes are many— it can assist a healthier work/life balance, support mental health, & fight against erosion of the aging brain. At Arts Tree, we believe in the transformative power of making art in your life, and that fluency in drawing, mark-making and colour can not only bring more splendour and meaning into this world, it can also assist your well-being and happiness.

Fun in a Gesso Soup workshop

Arts Tree can help you with claiming some space in your life that’s all about you— because that’s important, and you are worth it. After all, even when we all use the same brushes and paints; the thing that you and you alone can bring to your art practice is you. Unique, original, wonderful you.

Online or Face-to-face, Arts Tree can reconnect with your inner artist & help you acquire the skills of painting, no matter where you are in that journey. Arts Tree is a purpose built teaching & filming studio in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We offer Face-to-Face Weekly Classes in Brisbane and 2 day Art Workshops, plus an ever expanding range of Online Options in instructional Art Courses across a wide range of mediums.

Our lead tutor is the exuberant De Gillett, a much-awarded  Australian artist who will show you how to unlock your own voice as an artist.

De’s reputation as an art tutor is second to none, and draws students from across the world. With more than 20 years art-making and tutoring experience De offers all her hard-won and self-developed secrets of making paintings to developing artists with no secrets, and nothing held back. She regularly shares her newest tips, tricks and techniques on her Patreon page.

De is an expressive artist who uses bold mark-making and layering to build rich, sumptuous surfaces. Her top-level drawing and palette knife skills are the secret weapon behind the loose, painterly surfaces she achieves.

She is an artist who paints with optimism and celebration, capturing movement, sound and joy on her large, vibrant canvases. Her episode of Colour in your Life is in the top 5 for times viewed, and her works resonate with art lovers everywhere.


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