Advanced Inking Workshop – Inks #2


Unlimited access 2+ hours Acrylic & Inks Painting Workshop.

De Gillett leads you through every step of painting an Australian Palm Cockatoo. Watch and learn De’s unique techniques with every step you’ll take fully explained.

Let’s get painting!

Advanced Inking Art Workshop with De Gillett Cox from Arts Tree on Vimeo.

Inking as seen on Colour in your Life!

This online inking workshop is the long awaited sequel to Inks #1 - Beginning with Inks. If you've had fun learning the basics, imagine what you'll be able to do with all this new information on what De has now developed with beautiful, colourful, vibrant Art Spectrum Inks!

Follow the experienced, exuberant, award winning Australian artist De Gillett in this 2+ hour inking workshop as she leads you through every step of painting a textured, layered, gloriously colourful acrylic and ink painting of an Australian Palm Cockatoo.

De is the originator of this unique way of working with ink onto canvas, and over the 15 years since its inception has developed many, many tricks and techniques, all of which are seen here and explained in great detail.

Watch and learn De’s unique self-developed techniques as you build your canvas through grounding (the base colours), drawing, spatter ( to introduce vitality and energy), stencilling ( De's stencils can be found at our shop), impasto textures (to guide the inks as they flow across the textured surface), inking (15 minutes of pure, exhilarating terror!) and finally fix-its and finishing detail (where all the things that went wrong can be addressed and corrected), with every step demonstrated and fully explained.

Replete with tips, close-ups and downloadable resource files De makes sure you gain the skills you need to make every future painting full of life and motion.

Inking continues to be a medium of great interest across the world, with artists travelling from all across Australia and from far-flung countries to attend De's in-studio workshops in this technique. We are thrilled to bring you this workshop online, and now that we have it "in the can", we are working on making it also available on DVD.


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