Is the Arts Tree Studio Classroom air-conditioned?

A. Yes it is. We have a reverse cycle unit providing cooling or heating as required.

How do I access my online Worshop?

A. To access your Workshop, you go to the Arts Tree webpage ( and click on the “Log In” button in the top rainbow coloured banner on the righthand side. That takes you to the Log In page. On this page you need to enter the email address you used when you purchased the workshop as your username. Likewise, enter the password you used when you purchased the workshop.If you lost or forgot your password, you can rest it by clicking on the “Lost your password?” button. Follow the prompts to rest your password. Once you have a new password go to the “Log In” page on the Arts Tree website, enter your username (your email address you used on purchased) and your new password. You should now be in your Arts Tree Subscription page and your available course/s will be listed below your details. Click on the workshop link and you will be in the online workshop.

Who comes to your art classes & workshops?

A. We welcome an enormous variety of people to Arts Tree, but there are a few generalities we often see. Often, our students are people who have always loved art, but have never had time to pursue it. Whatever their catalyst (maybe retirement, kids leaving home, finishing their own studies, or just needing a challenge), they have reached the point of reaching out to grab something that’s finally all about what they want to do!

I haven’t drawn or painted anything since school- is that okay?

A. Of course that’s okay! No-one is born knowing how to draw, and unfortunately, many people have endured bad experiences where a teacher has told them that they’ll never be able to draw. That’s rubbish! The idea of a natural talent is a bit silly- drawing and painting are skills that can be learned like any other.

What do I get in an Online Course?

A. You’ll get up to 2 hours of step-by-step tuition from De Gillett Cox, as she guides you through every aspect of making the featured painting. You’ll get downloadable, printable documents such as the image she is working from, any handouts she uses in class for that workshop, and the materials list. You will be able to view the workshop as many times as you like, while your subscription remains current (12 months).

Q: Do you offer classes for children?

A. No, sorry. We do allow teenagers over 16 to join our adult classes where appropriate. Please contact us if you think we can help!

I am a complete beginner / experienced artist— are Arts Tree Classes right for me?

A. We pride ourselves on employing tutors at the top of their profession, who not only understand the needs of the beginner, but are capable of extending experienced artists with new techniques and methods. No matter what your current level, we can help you on your journey into making art.

How much are the classes?

A. Please go to the Pricing Page for detail on our prices.

We offer Face-to-Face classes & workshops at Wynnum, and workshops range from $140 (one day) to $250 (two days). Classes are sold in blocks of 4, with a beginner’s class costing $140 per 4 classes, and an advanced class with De costing $180 per 4 classes.

Our online options will range from $2 to $65, and you can expect that range to be added to regularly. 

Please follow these links to Weekly Classes or 2 Day Workshops pages, where you will find more detailed information.

Q: Do you offer classes for people living with a disability?

A. We welcome people of all abilities. To hold a place in any Arts Tree class or workshop we require people to work independently and follow complex instruction. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss availability and any concerns.

Will all the students in my class be working on the same project?

A. No. Every participant works on their own project, with individual assistance from the tutor. In this way, everyone gains from the group wisdom, and has the opportunity to be inspired by the creativity happening all around them.

What do I bring to class?

A. Most importantly, a canvas and some printed out images which inspire you. We can sell you the paints you need, but if you have painting materials already, bring them with you. The classroom has brushes and palette knives to try out, but we do expect you to bring your own. Full Materials Lists can be downloaded from the “Materials & Freebies” page.

How big are the classes?

A. All the face to face classes and workshops are capped at 10 participants.

What classes do you offer?

A. Painting in Acrylics, Oils, Mixed media and Inks. Drawing. Beginners and Extension classes. Knife skills, Colour theory, tutored and untutored Life Drawing.

Q; Is there an age limit?

A. To sign up for an online course, no age restrictions apply, although be advised there will be semi-nudity in the life-drawing course. To come along face-to-face, so long as you are 16 or older, no other limits apply. One of our continuing students is 85, and she came to us 3 years ago saying how tired she was of “sitting in death’s waiting room being bored”.

What facilities do you have in the studio?

A. Easels, tables, drawing boards. A fully stocked selection of all the tools and brushes you may never have used before, to trial. We sell paints and mediums to our onsite students only. Tea and coffee facilities are supplied and the Studio Classroom is air conditioned  as required.

Can I leave my gear there between classes?

A. With the exception of an unfinished canvas you intend to work on next lesson, no. Our storage room is very limited.

What about parking?

A. There is an 11 car parking lot right beside the classroom, at the rear of the property.

Will my tutor work on my painting/drawing themselves?

A. Not if you don’t want that to happen. Often, the tutor’s best method of demonstrating something is to do the correction right there on your work, but they will always respect your wishes in this regard. Please make your tutor aware of your preference.

Will there be nudity portrayed?

A. There may be, at times! Life Drawing activities are usually working from the nude model, and the work on the walls in the classroom sometimes includes the nude figure. Our online Life Drawing Workshop will feature a swimwear clad model, so that it’s okay for older children to learn drawing with Arts Tree.