Drawing for Painting 1 day art workshop April 27th 2024


Maximum 10 participants

9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Saturday April 27th 2024, at Arts Tree, Wynnum West, Brisbane.

A single day skill-builder that will unlock unknown powers from your artistic self! If you think you ‘can’t draw’ then I challenge you to attend this workshop so that I can prove you wrong. Drawing is a skill, not a talent, so let’s learn it together!


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$260 (all materials included), 10 participants maximum.

Tutor, Ali Gillett (Brave Arts)

Drawing well is 100% where my confidence comes from when I’m stepping up to a canvas. If you want to get better at seeing, drawing, and creating then you should most definitely sign up for this single day workshop!

Drawing analytically may not sound like the most exciting of ventures, but let me assure you that once you learn this nifty series of rules and theories, your drawing life will be changed forever. This skill set gives me the courage to get started and the means to critique and correct as I go. Over time this has meant that I am much more proficient and adept at creating my own works, as well as helping students with theirs.

This single day workshop will cover methods of drawing and analysis, as well as the importance of critique and the inherent value in being wrong, something that we will all be if we dare to create art. We will begin with an in depth look at the tools and techniques of drawing, followed by a few rounds of sketching, before we take our new-found expertise form 2D to 3D with some drawing from real objects.

Extreme beginners to the more advanced encouraged, ages 15 and up welcome,

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