Acrylic Texture Spatter Glazing Course


Unlimited Access 2+ hours Online Acrylic Painting Class

Acrylic Texture Spatter Glazing Workshop with De Gillett Cox from Arts Tree on Vimeo.

Follow and copy the exuberant Australian artist De Gillett as she leads you through every step of making a textured, layered, gloriously colourful acrylic painting of an Azure Kingfisher in Flight in this unlimited access workshop complete with printable resources.

Let’s get painting!

Acrylics Texture, Spatter & Glazing Class

Unlimited access to our 2 hours+ online acrylic painting class in building vibrant, colourful paintings.

Follow Arts Tree's experienced, exuberant, award winning lead tutor De Gillett in this online acrylic painting class as she leads you through every step of painting a textured, layered, gloriously colourful acrylic painting of an Azure Kingfisher in Flight. What materials will you need? Find out here.

Preview what's in store with this clip of excerpts!

  • Chapter 1 – First Things First. Class 1 -  Composition, Class 2 – Paper viewfinders
  • Chapter 2 – Grounding your canvas. Class 1 – First Colours, Class 2 – Spatter
  • Chapter 3 – The Drawing. Class 1 – Analysis
  • Chapter 4 – Starting to paint. Class 1 – Roughing it in. Class 2 – First textures. Class 3 – Wings & Combing
  • Chapter 5 – Where do we go now? Class 1 – Line, Tone, Colour, Edge. Class 2 – Glazing
  • Chapter 6 – On the Home stretch. Class 1 – Let’s finish. Class 2 – Extended finishing

De Gillett is known for her signature style, all about colour and movement. Generous to a fault, she keeps no secrets and fully explains all the techniques she has developed through painting for the last 20 years.

Using palette knives, combs, and fan brushes; binder medium, texture paste, and acrylic paint; in this online acrylic painting class De builds a painting from the ground up, ensuring that you are never left with the ago-old problem of having gaps on your canvas that you just don't know how to complete.

Over the years, she has found ways to loosen up her own style, and this is what she passes on to her many hundreds of students. Watch and learn De’s unique self-developed techniques as you build your canvas through grounding, drawing, spatter, impasto textures, glazing and finally detail with every step demonstrated and fully explained.

Replete with tips, close-ups and downloadable resource files this online acrylic painting course with De makes sure you gain the skills you need to make every future painting full of life and motion. Subscription gives you unlimited, permanent access with no expiry date-  jump in to any chapter at any time and watch as many times as you like!


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