Artist’s pigment Arts Tree Colour Wheel


Painted originally by De Gillett Cox with Atelier Interactive artist’s pigments, this colour wheel is printed with light-fast pigmented inks on a variety of items priced from just $1.64 (postcard). Made by an artist, for artists!


The Arts Tree Colour Wheel BUY HERE

Understanding & working with colour can be made SO much easier with an Arts Tree Colour Wheel, as mentioned in our Online Acrylic Texture, Spatter & Glazing workshop. This tool, hand painted by De Gillett Cox for her own use allows you to easily investigate the colours you plan to use in any work. Use the wheel as a mixing guide, and to assist with your choices for colour harmony.

Printed with light-fast inks on a variety of products, this Colour Wheel is the perfect studio companion. De Gillett Cox a master of colour, used only Atelier Interactive acrylics from Chroma Australia in hand painting this wheel, guaranteeing your ability to obtain the same results when using the same colours.

The wide range of tube colours now available means that the old ideas of starting with primary red, blue and yellow, mixing those to make secondary orange, purple and green, then mixing all those to make tertiary colours is outdated. Today’s Colour Wheel must include the newly available Magenta and Turquoise pigments to be complete, & so De has expanded the original 12-point version to include 16 different hues readily available to artists.


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