Inks #1 – Beginning with Inks

This is the Online Art Workshop Version of De’s 2014 workshop, also available on hard copy DVD in both PAL and NTSC region free formats.

De Gillett is best known for her self-developed ways of working with inks & acrylic paints. Having learned to paint in isolation, she uses techniques all her own invention, and keeps no secrets when she shows you exactly how to get started. De is your guide all the way through the brave, intuitive processes of working with vibrant Art Spectrum Inks. Follow along step by step with De as she unravels the mysteries of building a textured surface & then flooding it with the beautiful unpredictability of ink colours!

Chapter 1: Introduction and Materials

Chapter 1: Introduction and Materials

Chapter 2: The Image

Chapter 2: The image

Chapter 3: The Textured surface

Chapter 3: The Textured Surface; Gluing down.

Chapter 3: The textured surface; ...and still more!

Chapter 3: The textured surface; Texture Paste

Chapter 4: Painting the textures

Class 1: Roughing it in

Chapter 5: It’s time for Inking!

Chapter 5: It's time for Inking!

Chapter 6: The finishing touches

The finishing touches

Materials List

1 x Stretched canvas, 91 x 61cm (24″ x 35″)  or similar, with 38mm (1.5″) stretcher bars

A reference image to work from

Gesso – a heavy, opaque white priming paint for artists.

Texture paste – a matte, slightly toothy paste which retains most of its volume as it dries. May be called Modelling Compound or Impasto Medium.

Impasto Gel Medium ( at full strength, and diluted) – a glossy, smooth compound which dries clear, maintaining its volume. May be called Structure Gel or Heavy Gel medium.

Acrylic Paints in a range of colours (you don’t really need all of these!): Titanium White, Arylamide Yellow light, Arylamide Yellow deep, Raw Sienna dark, Napthol Red light, Red Gold, Dioxazine Purple, French Ultramarine Blue, Pthalo Blue, Pthalo Turquoise, Cobalt Turquoise light, Olive Green, Pthalo Green, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Payne’s grey.

Art Spectrum Liquid Spectrum Concentrated Artist’s Inks in a range of colours.

Art Spectrum Extender/Medium. Email to find a stockist near you.

Spectrum Cleaner for Ink & Liquid Spectrum (part of the Art Spectrum range of products)

2 sheets A4 white copy paper

Brushes in a range of sizes: Fans, Flat, Dagger, Rigger.

Palette Knives in a range of sizes and a variety of pointed & rounded tips

Willow Charcoal

Masking tape, Scissors & ruler

Clip-lock sandwich bags (no gusset)

Syringes (no needle, just the barrel)

Small white saucers or bowls

Large flat palette for mixing

A tiny canvas (10 cm (4″) square) to support your painting from underneath, or a similar prop.

Water spray bottle

Small chocks to adjust level of canvas

Flexible plastic to make combs. The lid of an ice cream container is ideal.

A bucket of water and a cloth