Digital Stencil Template – Ripples


These ripples work really well where you need to show movement, or the flowing surface of things. It’s ideal for water, of course, but see the gallery image for an example of it used as bark on a tree trunk.

Please note this product is a TEMPLATE ONLY and no physical stencil will be sent. This item is a digital file in 3 formats –  JPEG, PDF and Silhouette Studio. These digital files are for hand and machine cutting. Each template is A4 size at 210 x 290mm. (8” x 12”) After purchase, your files will be available to download. Simply log in to your account, then click the downloads button in your account. You may download each file up to 5 times.


Once cut by you with your stencil cutting machine, these stencils are suitable for any application. With paint, gesso or texture paste pushed through them, they are the cornerstone of De Gillett’s painting practice. With this ripples stencil, you can quickly create a natural looking ocean surface, or distant tree trunks reaching for the sky. Being a digital file, you can change the scale so that you can create this effect at many sizes, both up close and far away. If water is your thing, you may want this watery 3 pack instead!

Some countries do not allow the importation of our stencils, and frankly, we can’t imagine how frustrating that must be. These instantly available Digital Stencil Templates can solve that problem, as well as make available a much wider range of De Gillett’s own hand-drawn designs than we can offer as readymade stencils. These are the exact same stencils that De uses in her own studio, and you may choose just one, or a multipack of 3 or 9 designs. On purchase, you will get instant access to the files, ready to load into your stencil cutting machine and cut for yourself! Each brand of stencil cutter has its own range of media available. De uses a Silhouette Cameo, and fuses together the two sides of A4 sized laminating pouches by running it through a laminator for her stencils (a more economical option than the specialist media).

On purchase, you will, in a matter of minutes, receive an email containing your download link. You may need to download the free application 7-Zip to unzip and open the files. It is safely available at cnet

Should you lose that email, you can re-download your file by logging in to your account and clicking on Downloads. Copyright remains with Arts Tree, and you must not resell, share or distribute this digital file.


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