#6 September 26/27 2020 Negative Painting in Acrylics Workshop


A 2 day Workshop with De Gillett Cox.

Saturday & Sunday, September 26 & 27, 2020.

Maximum 10 participants.

9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day.

This two day workshop covers De’s self-developed techniques in Negative Painting and Stenciling with acrylics. It’s painting in reverse- you begin with the things at the front, and paint the background in last! This method helps you to develop beautiful transparency and illumination in your work.

See and print the Negative Painting Information Package HERE.

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Ever the experimental painter, De is at it again. This time, she is achieving greater than ever transparency in her paintings by layering in the clear colours of the main objects first, then contrasting that with the opacity of the background layer. This method delivers crisp, clean, contemporary results, and is particularly suited to subjects with a dark silhouette such as sunsets or sunrises.

Laying in the darks first, you can then protect them with masking tape before stencilling across them with really interesting patterns and shapes, leading to  a perfect distillation and abstraction on your canvas. Alternatively, you can use the first layer to establish runs, spatter and colour variation, before obscuring the parts of the image you don’t want with opaque paint. The contrast of transparency and opacity is breathtaking!


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