#5-June 27 2020 Understanding Colour Workshop


A 1 day Workshop with De Gillett Cox.

Saturday, June 27th, 2020.

$150.00 per person. All painting mediums are supplied by Arts Tree for this workshop. Never be mystified by colour again!

Maximum 10 participants.

9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

This workshop is all about the knowledge you will take home. While you will take home canvas boards with your developmental colours and studies on them, the outcomes will not include any finished paintings.

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Mixing the colours you want doesn’t need to be difficult! Join this workshop, and you will come away with all the knowledge you need to mix the colour you want every time, and to put them together for exactly the effect you want. Working with colour chips we learn the vocabulary of colour before painting our own colour wheel to take home. We’ll build a giant wheel and pull it apart, finding colour schemes and really cementing this new knowledge so that colour theory becomes just another one of your tools in making art.

This workshop covers the rules of colour theory and the application and breaking of those rules with analogous, complementary contrast and split complementary rules; as well as

Arthur Streeton’s yellow/violet landscape palette and developing other complementary limited palettes;

Choosing and mixing colours for a successful limited palette painting;

Identifying warm and cool colours correctly;

The role of the complementary in greying off any colour;

How glazing can unify colour; and

The role of colour temperature in turning a form or distancing an object.


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