#3 April 18/19 2020 Acrylics and Inks Workshop


A 2 day Workshop with De Gillett Cox.

Saturday & Sunday, April 18th & 19th, 2020.

The price of $295.00 per person includes your inks.

Maximum 10 participants.

9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day.

This two day workshop covers De’s self-developed techniques with inks and textures to create beautiful vibrant paintings, as seen on “Colour in your Life”. Texture paste, Gesso, Impasto Gel medium, Fan brushes and Acrylic paints are available for purchase at the classroom.

See and print the Inks Workshop Information package HERE.

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You will create a coloured, textured surface before flooding it with inks to create a wet-in wet result that goes beyond your wildest expectations.

Suitable for beginners and experienced artist alike. Each artist can expect to complete a large (no bigger than 900mm on any side) canvas during the workshop. It is optional to bring along a second canvas to work on, though it is unlikely that time will permit the completion of that second canvas, particularly given the long drying times of texture paste and ink. Participants may need to return to Arts Tree to pick up their finished artwork, as the works cannot be moved whilst wet.

This technique depends on building a coloured, textured surface first, then dropping inks into that and allowing them to mingle and respond. You will be pushing texture paste through doilies (plastic or crochet) and stencils and piping it out of plastic bags to create the textural definition you must have to inform the flow of ink.

Bring pictures that inspire you for reference material, for example (but not restricted to): coral reef, fish, bright birds, peacocks, butterflies, frogs, or flowers. Sunflowers or poppies work well, fiddly flowers with odd shaped petals like irises are harder.

We will be simplifying, but we do need to know what the object in question looks like! Working with ink is all about colour and movement, so choose a subject accordingly. For instance, a portrait would be difficult, but a field of flowers works well. Any subject requiring gradual tonal shifts (e.g. the nude) or the use of neutral, subtle colours (e.g. a realistic landscape) are unlikely to be successful with ink. Subjects requiring lots of drawing and an understanding of perspective, e.g. buildings or cars, will probably take too long to finish in the two days.

An abstract work by another artist can be a good starting point if you are inexperienced in working with colour.


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