#2 March 21/22 2020 Mixed Media Workshop


A 2 day workshop with De Gillett Cox.

Saturday & Sunday, March 21st & 22nd, 2020

Maximum 10 participants

9:00 am to 4:00 pm both days.

Learn exciting ways of building a painting through collage, textures, washes and glazes to move your painting practice away from the literal and towards abstraction. Work with pattern and stencils to suggest elements such as sound and movement, and bring a modern look to your paintings.

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Tutor De Gillett is currently working mainly with Mixed Media in her own practice. Inspired by artist Mike Bernard, she loves passing on these exciting techniques that have helped her take her own practice in exciting new directions.  This is a great workshop for those who need to loosen up their control of their work and not be literal about what they are painting!

Once you have chosen your subject you need to compile an assortment of resource materials such as photos, printed images, and black and white photocopies as well as close ups of the texture and detail you plan to make use of. You should bring with you a variety of materials to use in the collage component, however stick to natural fibers not plastic as plastic is not easily painted over or blended. Use materials such as; textured papers, printed papers (newsprint is great) fabrics that are thin and coarse such as gauze, raffia, string, lace, doilies, dried leaves, thin transparent papers like baking paper, paper napkins or tissue paper and so on.

Once you have compiled the resources relevant to your subject you need to plan the composition of your artwork. In this workshop, we are not looking to make an exact copy of a photo but rather an abstraction, making use of the aspects of the chosen theme combined in a creative way. Things to take note of and adhere to are; ensuring that you have a focal point that falls in line with the Golden Ratio using tonal contrast and detail, having a design base and making use of the ever important design elements of repetition, emphasis, movement and variation.


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