Free art videos from De Gillett & Arts Tree!

Here is where you can find links to some of our free art videos on youtube and some free downloadable PDF files to make your life as an artist that little bit easier. Our online workshops have PDF files attached, & you’ll be able to access those after you have subscribed.

Our Youtube channel is artstreeonline – get on there and avail yourself of some free art videos. Once you’ve seen  these extracts from our online workshops, you’ll be bursting to get painting with us! De keeps no secrets and tells you everything you need to know to let your inner artist out. With 15 years experience as an art tutor, and a lifetime of making art and winning awards and prizes, De is uniquely placed to show you what you need to know. Add the expertise of De’s partner, Graham Cox to the mix, and you have a team that’s hard to beat. Graham captures all of De’s trademark madness and exuberance as she creates a painting from blank canvas to glorious finished result.

What will I paint?

De Gillett has a Youtube channel ; and is on facebook as De Gillett BFA – Fine Artist . De is also developing an extensive library of tips, tricks & techniques of painting on her Patreon page , where her patrons commit to spending US$2 – $10 per month in return for ongoing access to clips such as these. No matter where in the world you are, you can now access De’s brand of assistance with your painting practice!

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