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Friday art classes for adults at Arts Tree are with  Julie Martin

(Painting above by Julie Martin)

Friday Morning Art Class

(Painting in acrylics or oils with Julie Martin)

9:30 – 11:30 am. Limited to 10 participants.

$140 per 4 week program.

 Our tutors are accomplished and experienced artists with a great passion for providing creative people with the tools and knowledge they need to express themselves. Classes with  Julie are ideal for beginners and those who need refreshing on the basics, as she has a great depth of knowledge on the all the basics of building paintings.

Julie has years of experience as a tutor in various creative fields, and is now pursuing a career path including her own painting practice and tutoring beginners at Arts Tree.


You can see Julie's work HERE

You can find the Information Package HERE

Arts Tree painting classes are structured in blocks of 4 x 2 hour classes. Each block is called a program, and one program gives you the right to come along at the same time each week for 4 weeks in a row. If you like what you find, then as an existing client you have first option of purchasing the next 4 weeks of classes at the same time and place. Our students are very varied- we have some who find that they love our classes so much they just keep on coming week after week, and some who can only find the time in their busy lives for just one four week block, and everything in between! We maintain a waiting list for places in the class, so if as an ongoing student you decide to give it a miss for now or for forever, your place goes to the next student artist waiting on the list.


Make-up classes- If you are unable to come for one of your classes, please let us know. We are able to offer you a complimentary “Make-up” class only once in a 4 week program. Any other missed classes within that 4 weeks will be debited against your booked dates as though you had attended. Other people may be waiting for a place in that class, and we must be fair to everyone!


Additional weeks- If you would like to book for fewer weeks than a 4 week program, your booking does not attract the discount rate, and you will be charged $35 for each class. 

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