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Q: What price are the classes?

A:  Four 2 hour classes are $140.00
      Four 2.5 hour classes are $180.00
      A One day workshop is $130.00
     A two day workshop is $250.00

Q: Is Arts Tree open all the time?

A: No, Arts Tree is only open when the main gates are open, which is during class times, or by appointment. Phone 0437 146 359.

Q: Is there parking onsite?

A: Yes, we have room for up to 12 cars available right next to the classroom.

Q: Is the classroom air-conditioned?

A: No, we have windows, fans and an evaporative cooler for comfort.

Q: Can I buy art supplies at Arts Tree?

A: Only Arts Tree students can buy art supplies from us. We have a limited range of acrylics, mediums, and inks. 


Q: I am a complete beginner / experienced artistó are Arts Tree Classes right for me?

A: We pride ourselves on employing tutors at the top of their profession, who not only understand the needs of the beginner, but are capable of extending experienced artists with new techniques and methods.


Q: Will all the students in my class be working on the same project?

A: No. Every participant works on their own project, with individual assistance from the tutor. In this way, everyone in the group gets the benefit of everyone elseís problem solving.


Q: How early can I come to class?

A: The classroom will be open at least 15 minutes before the lesson start, in order to give you time to set up. Similarly, you will have 15 minutes at the end to clean/pack up.


Q: What equipment do you provide?

A: The classroom is equipped with tables, easels, and chairs. The floor is paint-proof.

Q: How do I know what to bring to class?

A: Once you are enrolled and paid, you will be emailed an information package, which contains a materials list (which you can also find on the website). We suggest a wheeled bag or trolley to bring your materials in.


Q: Do you have Childrenís art classes?

A: No.

Q: How formal are Arts Tree classes?

A: Very relaxed and lots of fun. Expect lots of conversation and laughter along with some very intensive learning!


Q: Will my tutor work on my painting/drawing themselves?

A: Not if you donít want that to happen. Often, the tutorís best method of demonstrating something is to do the correction right there on your work, but they will always respect your wishes in this regard. Please let your tutor aware of your preference.


Q: Will there be nudity?

A: Yes, in the Life Drawing activities. You can also expect to see examples of life drawing from the nude model on the walls of the classroom.


Q: How does copyright law affect me if I copy from a painting or a photo created by someone else?

A: For the purposes of study, it has no effect. Copyright law comes into effect when you begin making money from a copied work, so if you intend to sell it, make sure you either

         Took the photo yourself; or

         Have written permission from the artist/photographer concerned.


Q: I am on a waiting list for a spot in a particular class; what happens now?

A: You get offered a place just as soon as one becomes free. If we have enough students waiting, we will try to offer the same class at a different, suitable time and day.


Q: I have mobility issues. Is that a problem?

A: We have onsite parking, and only one step up into the classroom. Unfortunately, our bathroom is not yet wheelchair friendly.


Q: Is there a break during a two hour class?

A: Not officially, though there are tea and coffee facilities available for your use during classes.


Q: Is there a bathroom?

A: Yes, we have an ablutions block close to the classroom.


Q: Can I leave my gear in the classroom between classes?

A: With the exception of an unfinished canvas you intend to work on next lesson, no. Our storage room is very limited.

 Q: How big are the classes? A: Classes and workshops are capped at 10 participants, and classes may be smaller than that number at our discretion.

If you have any questions we havenít covered here, please take a look at our terms and conditions to see if your question is answered there, Otherwise, please flick us an email to info@artstree.com.au and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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